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03 December 2018

Festival Friend

Festival Friend™ V2 is manufactured to Goodmake Products' own specification.

It's an essential accessory when attending a Music Festival, Beer Festival, a Race Course, Grand Prix - or any sort of event when three hands are needed ! 

Keep your drink close prevent "drink spiking" and in the current emergency help avoid CV19 cross infection !

The lightweight lanyard has an expanding ring and the V2 design now includes a safety feature in the lanyard. Avoid the queue by ordering yours now.

Latest addition is a 'one shot' tie to shorten the holding ring for using on bottles and cans. Each Festival Friend is supplied with one. Reduce the ring diameter to smaller than the item and secure. Test before final tightening. See photo at the end of this Blog

£3.60 each, inc. P&P.

P&P inclusive rate is for delivery to a UK mainland address. PayPal to "" for secure, buyer protected, escrow payments.

Shipping to Non-UK mainland, Europe/Worldwide sales on request. Festival Friend is available wholesale - please contact for details.

A small number of the original version V1 (without safety break) are available at the special price of £2.60 each (inc P&P) - via this site ONLY

Risk Management Training and Advisory Ltd's risk assessment concludes "....this product fully complies with the requirements of the General Product Safety Regulations 2005". Full report available on request.

Featured at CAMRA's Cotswold Beer Festival, John Barrett (Festival Organiser) said "Festival Friend went like hot cakes - an enthusiastic volunteer sold 64% at our trade session on Thursday and the remainder went soon after we opened on Friday. So, many thanks and expect a larger order next year".

 Enjoy an easy, hands free, experience - reading the events schedule of offerings - scoring your beer / wine selection - or just enjoying a bite to eat on the hoof. Slip it on your glass and then leave Festival Friend™ on when going to the bar for a re-fill. It easily fits most types of handle-less glasses - stems (10.5oz and 12.5oz), conical pints, halves / third combos and works just as well on plastic and overcomes their tendency to topple because of a high centre of gravity when filled. For bar operators, it helps reduce "one-shot" plastic waste.

Fit Festival Friend™ (before filling with your chosen drink) arrange the lanyard on opposite sides of the ring for maximum stability. For mobile users, a You Tube demo is available on the Web version of this sit

Flexible and compact it easily slips into a pocket, a handbag or even under your hat! Gender neutral it's suitable for ladies and gents. It also works equally well for the left or right handed operator !
There are no sharp edges or metal components on Festival Friend™ to catch in clothing or to set off an event's security metal detectors.

An ideal gift for Festival goers / CAMRA enthusiasts. Also great at a BBQ, in the garden, on the beach, at the races - or indeed anywhere that three hands are required !

Customised versions are available for specific events.

Thank you for viewing this new Goodmake Product -  Cheers !!

Note - Always drink sensibly.  Take care not to over fill glasses or to overload the ring. Check glass position in the ring to avoid spillage. Hold glassware when walking around and remove it before leaving the event.